Jim Gross (owner Staging Pads)

Jim’s unique background has given him insight into the power of combining digital arts with business. In 1990 Jim created Carousel of Music, a performance based entertainment company managing a group of 10 performers producing over 4,000 events within New Mexico. Following this Jim wrote and recorded his first flamenco guitar CD, Sandia Moment in 2008.


In 2009 Jim started Real Property Videos (later to be called Virtual Tour Club) and consulted with real estate agencies on photography and virtual tour development for real estate.


In 2011 Jim entered the real estate marketplace working with Keller Williams in Albuquerque through 2012 and starting with 360 Ventures Real Estate in January 2013. His real estate search site is called: SearchForAlbuquerqueRealEstate.com.


Also in 2011 Jim started a company to be a marketing arm for real estate agents nationwide looking to combine virtual staging, virtual tours and property websites. Marketing Homes Online is designed to be a one-stop listing platform for agents looking for a high gloss marketing package for new MLS listings. Photo repair, and real estate photography, virtual staging, virtual tours and property websites are just a few of the services offered at Marketing Homes Online.


Enter Staging Pads - a site focused on quality and affordable virtual staging. We service realtors®, photographers, home stagers and home builders looking for options to make their vacant listings look great.

As of 2017, each of these companies and sites are alive and well pushing listings higher 1 pixel at a time.