Virtual Home Staging - Frequently Asked Questions

What are some frequently asked questions about Staging Pads?

1. What is included in virtual staging?

Your pictures of a vacant room digitally staged. Use them on the MLS, your website or social media. Just send us your pictures and we return them with furniture, pictures and other staging added.

2. Does virtual staging work well with all pictures?

Actually no, about half of the pictures sent to us need some additional work or to be reshot for the best results. We recommend sending us a few of the pictures you are looking at staging and we can advise you on changes to make them look great for staging.

3. Do you offer a tour that can be listed in the MLS with the staging?

Yes, we have just started offering an interactive tour that will allow users to move around furniture and try different styles. Ask us to see an example and how it may help with your listings.

4. How do you list these on the MLS?

These are JPEG's that can be uploaded to the MLS like any other picture. Make sure to put a comment in the remarks section that some of the pictures have been virtually staged.

5. How do the copyrights work?

The individual or company that took the original images own them. Make sure if you send us pictures to stage that you have the permission of the copyright owner to have them staged. We own the staging that has been done to the pictures but are licensing you to use them in the marketing of a single listing. Builders, apartments and companies using these for a model may also use them on an ongoing basis.

6. What cannot be staged?

Staging Pads will not change anything that conveys with the home. This includes things like flooring types, wall colors, landscaping and window coverings. In some cases we may be able to offer decluttering of existing furniture.

7. What is the best way to take the pictures to be staged?

Hold the camera horizontal, straight at about 5 feet so there is no camera shake. Set your camera's zoom to show as much as possible. Get as much of the room as possible including walls to include furniture. Try not to shoot into a bright window with excessive glare. You may want to close window coverings during sunny days. Sometimes the best shot is with your back to the window. It is OK to use a flash to brighten up the room. Sunset shots are always great once shadows are gone. We also stage exteriors.

8. How do I submit pictures?

When you order online you will receive a link to send the pictures to our FTP site. Please name pictures by room (BR1, BR2, LR, DR, Bath, Kit…etc.)

9. Do you have a library of furniture we can look at?

Yes we do and are happy to send you a link upon request. New furniture is always being added to our collection.

10. Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes we have a special partner price for resellers of Staging Pads. We have several programs depending on who will do the actual staging. Call us at 800-894-7033 for more details.

11. Can you use pictures of furniture from any online store?

No, actually we start with high-quality 3D model furniture as it has to be moved in/out and rotated. Since most images are flat you cannot rotate them as there is no depth. This is the major challenge of virtual staging. All of the furniture we use has been purchased and the 360 degree angles completed for best staging. Additionally shadows are added and incoming light is adjusted.

12. What is the guarantee?

Not all pictures can be staged if they have excessive glare, are out of focus or do not show enough of the room. We do offer a money back guarantee but will always try to restage the pictures first.

13. Do you run special promotions?

Yes, through 2017 we are running the following online promotion:


Anyone that stages 5 rooms or more in a home receives a free SocialStaging™. This takes the property slideshow to the next step by letting prospective homebuyers rearrange and add furniture. They can share their staged rooms with their family and friends on Facebook and Twitter, which leverages a homebuyer’s social circle to reinforce the purchasing decision.

Please contact us with your questions about Virtual Staging. Call (800) 894-7033 or to EMAIL Click Here